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Lauder Business School | Advanced Text and Speech for the Masters Programs
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Advanced Text and Speech for the Masters Programs

This three semester course provides students in the Master programs with advanced linguistic, presentation and academic skills, and it has been designed so that an English native speaker would find it challenging and extremely beneficial.


By the end of the third semester students will be able to use a range of sophisticated techniques to communicate outstandingly in an English as Lingua Franca environment, as well as being able to network, conduct meetings and negotiate exceptionally well in such a setting. Likewise, students will be able to deploy a range of presentational methods to deliver cogent, absorbing and impressive presentations in an intercultural environment. On the other hand, students’ academic ability will be of a level that they will be capable of writing a convincing, well argued and researched masters thesis in English.


The structure of the course is such that language skills, academic writing skills and presentation skills are developed concurrently throughout the three semesters. In the first semester students dramatically expand their general and subject specific vocabulary and learn how to use language in a context dependent way. They, moreover, learn how to produce finely argued and structured texts, free from internal contradictions, as well as give rigorously coherent presentations.


The focus of Advanced Text and Speech in the second semester switches to enhancing communication within an English as a Lingua Franca environment and, to this end, skills like networking and negotiating in such a situation are investigated and practiced. In their written work, students continue to refine their style and develop their critical responses to the ideas of others. At the same time, they become acquainted with advanced techniques of rhetoric to improve the effectiveness and impact of their presentations.


In the third semester the work of the previous two semesters is continued so that students can not only take part effortlessly in any conversation or discussion, but are also able to express themselves fluently and convey finer shades of meaning precisely. Here, in terms of academic writing, students are capable of writing a high quality master thesis, while their presenting is further developed through practicing an array of sophisticated presentational techniques so that their talks will not only impress an inter-cultural audience but an English native speaker one too.