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Lauder Business School | Business and Academic English
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Business and Academic English

The Lauder Business School’s Business English program—consisting of Business English I to V—focuses on English for use in business and academic settings. We will strengthen the four fundamental language skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing in English. Students taking these courses will develop the communication skills necessary to succeed in a professional business environment and will learn about writing in English for academic purposes.


Business English I and II use Pearson Longman’s Market Leader (New Edition) Upper Intermediate Business English series, which emphasizes interpersonal communication in a business context. Language learning will focus on vocabulary-building exercises; speaking and writing in a variety of typical business situations (negotiations, customer service, team building, giving feedback etc.); listening comprehension of American and British English; advanced reading comprehension using business-focused texts from publications such as the Financial Times and The Economist; and developing presentation and public-speaking skills. Additionally, students will review and strengthen their knowledge of grammatical structures and verb tenses while learning to use cohesive devices to construct smooth, clear, connected written discourse and to mark the relationships between ideas. Taken together, these skills will enable students to competently navigate everyday situations in English-language business settings.


In the III Semester, the focus of the course switches to written business communication. Students will learn how to write reports, summarise information, write business letters and job applications and other documents that they will need to be able to produce in the world of business. In addition, they will also learn further techniques to ensure that their writing embraces the axioms of all good writing: simplicity and clarity.


The Lauder Business School’s Fourth Semester programme concentrates on Academic Writing, to help prepare students for their Bachelor Dissertation. This course will help students “troubleshoot” their academic writing in English, to develop a unique voice and style in their writing, and to clearly express their ideas in an appropriately academic tone. Students will also review ethical writing, citation standards (APA style), and effective quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing strategies. A variety of sources will be used including Lynn Quitman Troyka’s Handbook for Writers.


In the Fifth Semester students will hone essential business skills, including, negotiating, networking, describing data, presenting arguments (debating) and demonstrating cultural sensitivity. In addition, they will further develop their discursive and argumentative capabilities through examining themes from global business, organisational culture and innovation.