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Lauder Business School | Grading Policy
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Grading Policy

General principles:
We have developed a grading system that is outcome based and is, where possible, uniform across all the languages. The exceptions to this are Business English (because this course starts at intermediate level – English is the language of instruction at LBS –) and Hebrew because of the unique challenges and requirements of learning this language. In the following documents you can see what you will be expected to be able to do in order to pass your course at the end of each Semester:


The mark breakdown:

Across Business English, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew and Spanish, we try to ensure a similar assessment structure and a similar workload for students.

The components of your mark in all languages are:

  • A Mid-term Examination
  • A Final Examination
  • Coursework (This consists of written and oral assignments central to the learning outcomes of the Semester as well as in-class tests)
  • Participation (This includes smaller home works – e.g. preparation for class – and in-class contribution and behaviour)

60% of your final mark comes from the Mid-Term and Final Examinations. (The exact proportion derived from each depends on the language and semester).
20% from Coursework
20% from Participation


Final Grades:

These are calculated using the Fachochschule wide grading system:

1/Excellent 100-91%
2/Good 90-81%
3/Satisfactory 80-71%
4/Sufficient 70-60%
5/Fail ≤ 59%