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Lauder Business School | The LBS approach to language learning
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The LBS approach to language learning

Where better to learn and practice your foreign language skills than in a location that hosts students from over 40 countries?


Our teaching methods are as diverse as the backgrounds of our students.  Of course, through a variety of traditional and innovative teaching methods such as group work, mini presentations and student led learning, we emphasize developing the four commonly accepted communication skills, reading, listening, writing and speaking; yet, we take care to instil students with something else too.


For, our language teaching has two additional goals: to prepare you for a future career in the global business world and, similarly, to raise your awareness of the cultural context each respective language inhabits.


In our language classes we discuss challenging and contemporary topics from the economy and culture, students give presentations about life and business in the relevant country, there are diverse intercultural activities, we give training in how to deal with everyday business situations and there is practice for internship work in the applicable language (most obviously German). In short, we provide you with insights into, and preparation for, your future in a professional business setting: one where you will act as the interpreter between different communicative traditions.


So after your time at LBS, how will your languages have developed?


The table below shows the expected level of students according to the Common Framework of Reference for Languages in each language:


Language English French German Hebrew Mandarin Spanish
Level C1 A2/B1 A2/B1 A2/B1 A2 A2/B1



Attending LBS language classes is only the beginning for our students however, and, to reach the above mentioned standards, you will need to work hard at developing the skills you have been introduced to within the classroom outside it: by, among other things, reading and watching TV and films in your foreign languages, by making friends across linguistic and cultural borders, by taking advantage of Vienna’s international environment, by travelling abroad, and, by, when necessary, asking our committed teaching staff for extra work to address specific language issues.


In short, the LBS approach to language learning gives you a wonderful head start to exploring, and being successful in a global business context.