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Lauder Business School | Admission Requirements, Application and Visa
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Admission Requirements, Application and Visa

We welcome your application to the IML program!



  • Completed bachelors degree program in the same field or
  • Completed equivalent degree program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary education institution
  • Adequate command of English

The prerequisite for admission to a FH masters degree program (cf. section 4, sub-section 4 FHStG, as amended) is a completed FH bachelor degree program in the same field or a completed equivalent program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary education institution. This must be an education institution offering programmes that last at least six semesters, which require the general matriculation standard pursuant to this federal statute for admission, and known as a post-secondary education institution pursuant to the legislation of the country where it is located.
In the case of Bachelor’s programs not regulated by accreditation, the director of studies of the degree program or the Council will decide whether the other program fulfills the relevant admission requirement. Information about which bachelors or post-secondary programs qualify as relevant admission requirement for certain FH masters degree programs is available from administrators or the director of studies.


The academic and pedagogical basis for an FH degree program is centered on application of the acquired knowledge. Continuous work experience is therefore highly recommended for applicants.


For the Application Form incl. the required document checklist as well as the Master Assessment dates, please refer to the Forms-section in the sidebar.
Any queries with respect to your application and assessment dates can be directed to the Head of Admissions, Prof. (FH) Mag.(FH) Roksela MIHA (by phone or e-mail).
Please do not forget to file your visa application on time.

Visa Process

All applicants requiring a visa (student resident permit) should take into consideration that the process of being granted a visa might take two to three months. Therefore you are highly recommended to apply for your visa (student resident permit) as soon as you have been accepted at Lauder Business School. You are asked to prepare all the required documents in a timely fashion. Please find a checklist of the required documents (Visa Regulation Information 2013) as well as the required application form in the Forms-section  in the sidebar.


For any questions or support needed, please contact Dr. Roberta Blum.