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Completed Master Theses

IML 11

Ayzena, Alla (2013)

Social Media Marketing in New Product Development.

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Chmouckler, Biana (2013)

The Business Development of Natural Cosmetics in Austria

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Roksela Miha)


Dlin, Ilona (2013)

Transparent Reward Systems and Their Impact on Employees’ Motivation: On the Example of an Austrian IT Company

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Gazarian, Diana (2013)

Talent Management as Implemented by Austrian Telecommunications Companies

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Gibaly, Moran (2013)

Extended relocation: A Study of Intercultural Competence Training to Individuals

Relocating to Austria

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Gorisnic, Joel (2013)

Outsourcing Mobiliversity Diversity Workshop: Creating Inclusive Excellence within a Business Environment

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Roksela Miha)


Kalenichuk, Olga (2013)

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Measures for Implementation in the USA to Avoid the Negative Consequences of a New Financial Crisis in the Future

(Coach: Dr. Karl Knezourek)


Levina, Olena (2013)

The Role of Halachic Laws in Successful Entrepreneurship on the Example of Jewish Businesspeople from the Countries of Former USSR

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler)


Licen, Heinz Anton (2013)

Austrian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises under Basel III

(Coach: Dr. Bernulf Bruckner)


Lisnowski, Maxim (2013)

Possible Developments of German-Russian Energy Trade Relations in Light of Current Technological and Political Trends

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler)


Malow, Ronald (2013)

Deadlines, Schedules and Diligence in Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences with a High Degree of Cultural Diversity

(Coach:  Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Mandel (Deyneko), Olga (2013)

Culture-specific Conflicts in Multicultural Construction Project Teams: On the Example of three Austrian International Construction and Civil Engineering Teams

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Medvinskyy, Olexiy (2013)

Building and Growing Entreprenuership and Employment in Organizations with a  High Degree of Diversity

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Mezhericher, Inna (2013)

Cultural Diversification in Print Media on the Example of the Russian Esquire

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Pauser, Sandra (2013)

Effective Strategy Communication: From Theory to Practice

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Resch, Christian (2013)

Analysis of Perceptions and Organisational Behaviour in the Telecommunication Industry from the Viewpoint of Diversity

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Schwarkewitsch, Alissa (2013)

The Relevance of Personality Characteristics for Expatriates in the Russian Federation Based on Cultural Intelligence and the Big Five Model

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Sheinfeld, Daniella (2013)

Lauder Business School Participants’ Motivation at the Work Study Program as Key Factor for Program Success

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Shulman, Ian (2013)

Social Media as a Tool of Human Resource Management in German Tech Start-ups

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler)


Tarasyuk, Dmytro (2013)

Backpacker’s Tourism: The Changing Face of Tourism in Ukraine

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Roksela Miha)


Tayeb, Shai David (2013)

Von Homer zum Humor: Derived Humor Functions from Watching The Simpsons and the Cultural Adaption of Overseas US Humor by the German Market in the Dubbed Version Die Simpsons

(Coach: Dr. Bernulf Bruckner)


Weitlaner, David (2013)

Emotional Intelligence – Performance Link

Demonstrated at an Example of Employees in the Austrian Banking Industry

(Coach: Dr. Bernulf Bruckner)


IML 10

Andric, Maja (2012)

Emotional Intelligence in Serbia and Austria. How do Executive Managers in Serbia and Austria Use Emotional Intelligence

(Coach: Dr. Joachim Kappel)


Berberya, Anastasia (2013)

Diversity Management in U.S. Based Multinational Corporations: Gaps between Strategy and Implementation in the Austrian Context

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler)


Berkova, Mariia (2012)

The Impact of Diversity on Learning Style Preferences

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Chepurnyak, Yaroslav (2012)

Organization of the TV Advertising Campaign and Control of its Effectiveness for Personal Care Products Manufacturers

(Coach: Drs. Eric Alphons Voerman)


Domnich, Roman (2012)

The Effectiveness of Videos as an Integral Part of the Promotional Mix of SMEs

(Coach: Drs. Eric Alphons Voerman)


Fayb, Alexander (2012)

Russian Business in Europe and its Image in the Financial Times and The Economist (2006-2011)

(Coach: Prof.(FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler)


Grozyeva, Olga (2012)

Representation of Diversity in Corporate Statements: Content Analysis of Diversity Mission Statements across Industries in the Largest European (Austrian, German and Swiss) Companies

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler)


Hirschl, Lital (2012)

The Level of Cultural Sensitivity among Medical Doctors in Vienna toward Israeli Patients

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler)


Kulinichev, Fedor (2012)

Impact of Sustainability Activities on Consumer Perception of Raiffeisen Bank

(Coach: Dr. Bernulf Bruckner)


Kupershmidt, Anna (2012)

Expectation and Feedback: A Diversity Induced Area of Managerial Culture

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Kyazimova, Svitlana (2012)

Business Process Management in Ukrainian Subsidiaries of International Companies

(Coach: Maria Veronika Surböck, M.A.S., MSc.)


Levina, Victoria (2012)

The Present and Future of Traditional Travel Agencies in the Digital Age

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Levinson, Yevgeny (2012)

The Effects of Outsourcing Information Technology Needs on a Company´s Core Competencies and Profits

(Coach: Dr. Bernulf Bruckner)


Martynchenko, Alexandra (2013)

The Influence of Social Competence Awareness and Training (with special Reference to Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Management) on the Working Atmosphere of Multicultural Teams in Small-sized Companies in Kyrgyzstan

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Marushchenko, Natalia (2012)

Internationalization Potential in the Austrian Advertising Market

(Coach: Drs. Eric Alphons Voerman)


Nikiforova, Anna (2012)

Influence of Incentive Systems on Innovative Potential of International Chemical Companies

(Coach: Mag. Robert Schwertner)


Novikov, Vitaliy (2013)

Cell phone Communication in the Business Environment: A Dialog between Network Operations and Business Customers

(Coach: Dr. Bernulf Bruckner)


Romaniv, Dmitry (2012)

Risk Management in the International Frozen Food Transport and how to Manage it

(Coach: Drs. Eric Alphons Voerman)


Shapunov, Evgeny (2012)

Business Clusters and Networks as a Source of Competitive Advantage and Potential Collaboration Builders: The Case of Israeli and Austrian Bilateral Trade Relations in the Clean Technology Industry Sector

(Coach: Mag. Robert Schwertner)


Sverdlov, Mikhail (2012)

Organization of E-Volunteering through Virtual Communication Instruments: Analysis Based on the Russian-Speaking Environment in International Jewish Non-Profit Organizations

(Coach: Maria Veronika Surböck, M.A.S., MSc)


Valiullova, Elvira (2012)

Receiving Highly Skilled Migrants at Austrian Companies

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler)


Wiesen, Nathalia Gussie (2012)

Competitive Advantage in the Use of Packages

(Coach: Drs. Eric Alphons Voerman)


Yanovskiy, Evgeny (2012)

Perception of the Brand Ja!Natürlich by Generation Y

(Coach: Prof.(FH) Mag.(FH) Martin Samek)



IML 09

Ben Yehuda, Katrin (2011)

The Relationship between Employee Motivation and Quality Management

(Coach: DI Georg Kühnelt-Leddihn)


Berdavskaya, Anna (2011)

Identification of Urban Leisure Activities for Young Senior Tourists on an Example of Austrian Outbound Tourism

(Coach: Prof. Dr. Günther Singer)


Dobrovinska, Iuliia (2011)

Effectiveness of Ethnic Marketing in the Banking Sector: Implications for Austria

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Dvorkin, Ilya (2011)

Crisis Management in Pharmaceutical Companies – Past, Present and Future

(Coach: Drs. Eric Alphons Voerman)


Ezri, Cristian (2011)

How Can International Students Use Networking for Career Advancement on the Example of Lauder Business School

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Golova, Maria (2011)

Stepping out of the Niche Markets to Mass Markets on a Example of the Kosher and Halal Food and Beverage Industry in Austria: An Example of the Marketing Strategy for a non-Muslim and non-Jewish Target Group

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Gutina, Polina (2011)

Social Media Integration into Customer Relationship Management with a Special Focus on the Banking and Financing Industry

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Homonnai, Edith Miriam (2011)

The Influences of the Media on Women´s Body Perception and Their Possible Contributions to Corporate Social Responsibilty

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Korotkova, Svetlana (2011)

Smart City Initiative in Austria: Challenges and Opportunities

(Coach: Mag. Robert Schwertner)


Novakova, Lidia (2012)

The Role of Integrated Marketing Communications in International Trade Shows

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Pochtar, Iana (2011)

The Impact of the Gender Stereotypes in an Organization on Career Management: A Survey and Analysis of the Career Path Based on Retail Company Example in Ukraine and Israel

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Poplavska, Alisa (2011)

Art for Art´s Sake Versus Art for Business´Sake: Effective Marketing Channels for Painters in Europe

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Kübler)


Samardina, Kateryna (2011)

Development of Product Innovation Strategies in a Multilingual Corporation

(Coach: Mag. Robert Schwertner)


Shenhav, Tom (2011)

Sustainability in Global Supply Chain Management: Analyzing Economic, Social and Environmental Complexities

(Coach: Maria Veronika Surböck, MAS, MSc)


Shpilsky, Jessica (2011)

Finding the Right Balance between Creative Freedom and Prudential Financial Management in Running a Successful International Entertainement Company: the Case of MGM

(Coach: Dr. Karl Knezourek)


Stepanova, Svetlana (2011)

What Career Anchor do Managers have? A Qualitative Exploration among Managers in Austria based on Dr. Shein´s Model of Career Anchors and Possible Changes in Career Values

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


IML 08

Barnea, Gill (2010)

Managing the Boreout Syndrome in Gemmological Laboratories

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Bulgak, Olga (2011)

Irrelevant Russia? How do Austrian Press and Tourist Agencies See Russia as a Tourist Destination

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Laterman Lima, Flavia (2010)

Brazil´s Economic Growth Projections and Its Reflection on Businesses Carried by Austrian Companies in Brazil

(Coach: DI Georg Kühnelt-Leddihn)


Leonteva, Polina (2011)

Renewable Energy – Potential and Implication for the Russian Energy Market

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Marinkovic, Luka (2010)

Consumer´s Response to PR Corporate and Small Business Messages in Social Media Networks

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Mets, Sharon Josef (2011)

The Impact of Culture on Purchasing Choices. A Study of the Correlations between Cultural Dimensions and the Sales of Sport Utility Vehicles in the Main Urban Centers in Austria and Israel

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Moser, Chrstine (2010)

The Efficiency of Global Sourcing in China for Austrian SMEs in the Hotel Furnishing Industry

(Coach: Maria Veronika Surböck, MAS, MSc)


Reznik, Olesya (2010)

The Impact of Cultural Dimensions on Cross Cultural Business Negotiations. A Study of the Negotiation Process in Three Globally Operating Companies

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Stepanyan, Susanna (2010)

Legal Risks in the American Automobile Industry. Liability Implications for Non-US Companies

(Coach: Drs. Eric Alphons Voerman)


Vereanu, Dana (2011)

Flash Mobs as Part of Marketing Campaigns: Possibilities and Practicability

(Coach: Dr. habil. Claus Ebster)


Volokhova, Yulia (2011)

Customer Loyalty in the Age of Internet: Target Groups of Travel Agencies in Austria

(Coach: Mag. (FH) Sandra Geretschläger)


IML 07

Costa Pagani, Angela (2010)

An Estimation of the Blue Card and the EU High-Skilled Labor Migration Policy in Austrian Neo-Corporatism

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. Silvia Kucera)


Gordon, Ella Elvira (2009)

Perception of Risk and Security Concerns in Destination Choice: A Cross Cultural Comparison between Austrian and Israeli Tourists

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Gulyas, Viktoria (2010)

Coping Strategies of Transportation Companies in Hungary in the Business Crisis 2008-2009

(Coach: Prof. Dr. Günther Singer)


Hess, Rotem (2009)

Applicability of the Five Forces Framework to Derive Strategy in the Mobile Phone Industry

(Coach: Dr. Hanno Pöschl, MSc, MBA)


Kaikov, Leony (2009)

Emotional and Social Intelligence as Crucial Success Factors in Today´s Business World

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Dr. Edith Singer)


Kudryavtseva, Marina (2009)

The Implications of Intercultural Aspects in Supply Chain Management in Eastern Europe, Germanic Europe and Anglo Clusters

(Coach: Maria Veronika Surböck, MAS, MSc)


Pelisek, Jan (2009)

Real Estate Projects Risk Management by Stochastic Monte Carlo Method

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Samek)


Pipenko, Evgenia (2009)

Crisis Management in Real Estate Development Business

(Coach: Drs. Eric Alphons Voerman)


Obritko, Anna (2010)

The Influence of Emotional Appeals in Social Advertising With a Special Focus on the Cultural Impact

(Coach: Prof. (FH) Mag. Silvia Kucera)


Shteyman, Maria (2010)

Press Releases in Crisis Management

(Coach: Drs. Eric Alphons Voerman)


Vander, Anna (2010)

Financial Ratio Analysis of the Banking Industry: Cross-Country Study

(Coach: Dr. Hanno Pöschl, MSc, MBA)


Zhu, Kaimei (2010)

Self-Motivation and Factors of Leadership of Prospective Leaders

(Coach: Dr. Ralph Sichler)